Essential, NL

“Esencia” talks about what we are. Being at home. Share with those next to us. Get to know each other. 
This collection started with a campaign asking for disused garments in the Burgemeesterswijk neighborhood. Embroidered napkins used like flyers.
Through upcycling methods created simple garments, combined with bio cotton. Comfortable garments to wear at home in daily life.


To refer to characteristic and most important,
That which is invariable and permanent,
Stable and constant,

Being and existence.

Make a story possible,
be possible.

Searching for identity.
Who are we? What are we?
What do we need?
How much do we have?
Who are they?

Find ourselves.

Essence is the property of existence.
The simple, the necessary.


(Juliana Garcia Bello - January 2021)

Photoshoot with neighbors from Pels Rijckenstraat by Santiago Candelo Arnhem, The Netherlands. 2021