Fashion Film: Isleña, AR

Simple, homely, quiet and genuine are values that shape ISLEÑA, a fashion film by GARCIA BELLO.
Filmed in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, this short film focuses on life in the extreme south of the Argentine Patagonia. The collection is inspired by memories and knowledge of oral transmission.
The director, Facundo Viñabal, imagined the story of two women taking a trip to the Rio Grande. Everyday and nostalgic scenes, surrounded by objects steeped in history.


Director: Facundo Viñabal
Interpreters: Pamela Ruiz Peralta y Devora Rojo
Direction of photography: Jorge Cutruzzola
Steering assistance: Paola Miranda
Sound: Noelia Mangin
Assistant camera: Leo Planes
Makeup: Laura Panigheti
Makeup assistant: Macarena Bonafé
Music: Franco D´Addario
Sound post production: Andrés Larrahona
Art and clothes: Juliana Garcia Bello
Fixed camera: Santiago Candelo
Graphic design: Tobias Castro
Gratitude: Angelica Caimapo Y Santiago Treachi

With the support of the Secretary of Culture of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.