Rio Grande Semana de la Moda, ARG

It was a conceptual catwalk with different aesthetics showing diversity and development searches that arise from the Patagonian region. This event was supported by local developers and producers, making visible the creative possibilities and potential that the province has.
The event was held in the Asociacion Rural of Tierra del Fuego, in the sheep pen and the old house.  An historical construction of the city, made of sheet metal and wood. Transmitting the life that the inhabitants of the island through inside their home. The local history and culture. Inspired by the landscape of the Patagonian Steppe.
With the participation of Margarita Maldonado ancestral educator and her students, who keep alive the culture of the original Selk'nam people's; Martin Pastoriza from Ona ​​Land, who works with organic wood; Imaginarte School of Photography; Sebastián Cabo and Maldek in the hairstyle and makeup.
With the sponsorship and support of the Municipality of Rio Grande and the Secretariat of Production and Environment, in addition to the accompaniment of the different areas.

2019   — Río Grande Semana de la Moda, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Auspiciado por @rgemprende
Medias Silvana
Photos by @imaginarte.tdf
Hair @sebacabopelu
Make up @maldekmakeup
Video @eclecticaa / 
Special thanks to Margarita Maldonado and Martin Pastoriza