Spread the upcycling method

GB / VX - Spread the upcycling method.

It’s a research and production project based on circular economy and knowledge transfer. It aims to develop a series of reproducible garments, using upcycling patterns designed to reconstruct and reuse garments that are no longer in use.

Since 2017, GARCIA_BELLO (Arnhem, The Netherlands) has been working on developing different production methods and systems based on upcycling. The garments are handmade, reusing dead stock from the textile industry and clothing donations by locals. Giving value to what already exists and is not in use.
These developments will be shared with the brand Villamax (Valencia, Spain). Gonzalo Villa’s brand works in slow fashion. Handmade garments with local production.

These shared values are the driving force behind this collaboration, which seeks to generate an alternative to the current system of the fashion industry. Spreading and sharing of this knowledge enhances the development of the upcycling system.

GB/VX is one of the thirty finalist projects supported by CirCoAX30 - CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile #COSME_EU . This project seeks to transform the textile and fashion industry towards the #circulareconomy model.

Team: Juliana Garcia Bello, Gonzalo Villa, Catalina Peralta Martinez, Santiago Candelo.



 re — made by

GARCIA BELLO www.garciabello.nl / info @garciabello.nl
Nieuwe Oeverstraat 63, Anrhem, The Netherlands

VILLAMAX www.gonzalovillamax.com / gonzalovillamax@gmail.com
Calle Cuba 46, Valencia, Spain