Walk-in Wardrobe, NL

We know that to transform the fashion industry we need a wide-scale system change. To change an entire industrial system with deep roots in exploitation of people and the planet is a daunting task. If we start to see our wardrobes as the entry point to that bewilderingly complex system, we can make a start.
Walk-in Wardrobes in collaboration with  @cedric_mizero , @soup_archive , @garciabello_ , @outfitlibraryless & @2switch, we encourage individual and collective acts of repairs and reparations, from mending our clothes to fixing our dysfunctional systems. Swapping, sharing, borrowing and loaning voice our dissent against overconsumption. Mending, upcycling, repurposing and reusing become an act of resistance in the face of a system designed for obsolescence and disposal. To keep clothes in circulation is a radical and joyful act —

Walk-in Wardrobes
State of Fashion @stateoffashionnl / Biennale 2022

Rozet @rozetarnhem / Kortestraat 16
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Ph. Santiago Candelo.