It’s a collection that Juliana Garcia Bello made with her grandmother Dora, in the dining room of her house. In each meet they thought and made clothes reusing garments that they received from neighbors from Villa Elvira, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They generated an up-cycling pattern, to standardize the process.
The collection is inspired by her childhood. Their relationship sent packages from La Plata, Buenos Aires to Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.
DORA DUBA are all those sensations that were lodged within on box full of gift made by hand; clothes that she made herself with clothes or Textiles in disuse, a bag of fruit candies, a napkin or a flower handkerchief, a vanilla cake, a handwritten letter and all the perfume of grandmother’s house Dora.

Photo. Candelo Santiago / She. Cinthia

Photo. Candelo Santiago /  She. Sofia