GARCIA_BELLO  is a sustainable brand based in upcycling methods. Founded in 2017 by Juliana Garcia Bello, (Tierra del Fuego, ARG, 1989) clothes designer graduated from FADU-Universidad de Buenos Aires. The collections are inspired by the Patagonian spirit. Simple, straightforward, everyday. The garments are handmade, reusing dead stock from the textile industry and clothing donations. Giving value to what already exists and is not in use. Stories that speak of their own, a home as land and shelter. The brand is currently based in the Netherlands.


The garments are made using the reconstruction method. Taking advantage of textiles and clothing in disuse, generating products of higher quality and unique for its raw material.  Upcycling is part of the circular economy that involves sharing, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. 
Two types of zero waste patterns are used, both in an articulated way. One standardizes similar garments and the other takes advantage of fabrics in rolls or in cloth, allowing to serialize unique garments for its waste textile.
Part of the raw material with which we work is obtained through donations of unused clothing from the nearby community. Different communication channels are used to contact neighbors: posters, publications in social media, etc. The garments received are sorted (type and item) and prepared for reconstruction. Shirts, jeans, tablecloths and leftover fabrics are used.

We work in a simple way, with handmade details, handcrafted, human time and small quantities. These decisions help to generate durable, low impact, comfortable and timeless pieces. A beautiful product is one made with love and attention.

The garments have a label with production details, indicating the unique item number, the year of manufacture and the care that the garment needs to extend its useful life. The labels are handmade from scrap textiles.

From Garcia Bello we seek to spread the upcycling methodology, sharing part of our research and development. We make videos and publications. Also workshops to share different techniques and inherited knowledge.
We believe in the value of each garment and in the importance of extending the useful life of objects. We seek to highlight the intangible that connects people with their clothes. When a story is built in relation to a garment, it becomes full of meaning, becoming long-lasting. 

Dora y Alberto (grandparents), Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 1994